Singapore Sugar Dating: Definition, Rules, Main Features

Sugar dating is still something not very common among the majority of people, but in Singapore, it's quite a popular subject-matter. Why is it so? Who's most likely to start dating sugar daddies? What are Singapore sugar babies like? Let's start this exciting journey to the world of Singapore sugar daddy dating and get answers to these (and many other) questions!

Sugar daddy dating basics

Before you dig any deeper, let's define the basic terms. What are sugar daddies babies in the first place?

A sugar daddy is a wealthy and mainly older man who buys expensive gifts or gives money to a younger lady (i.e. a sugar baby) to spend time with him and, in some cases, have a sexual relationship. Some sugar daddies accept online dating, but many still desire to meet a woman in-person to know who they're giving money to.

A sugar baby is usually a young girl (18 years and older) who’s taken care of financially by a sugar daddy. In return, a man gets a lady's companionship, not necessarily sexual. It's also possible to be only an online sugar baby, but it's better to check if it's what the daddy wants.

Singapore sugar daddy dating key stats

To understand the subject better, let's take a deeper look at the main Singapore sugar daddy dating information. What are the latest trends in Singapore sugar dating?

The average Singapore sugar baby earnings

There are no strict rules on how much a sugar baby can earn. It all depends on what a girl needs, what a daddy wants from this relationship, and if gifts and dinings are included.

On average, Singapore sugar babies earn up to $2,500 per month. There's also a "pay per meet" option. Sugar daddies can pay around $500 for going out once. The prices may differ with the amount of time spent together in one day, as well as with the type of activities a lady can be involved in during a meeting.

Not to mention gifts, trips, and dining out at the restaurant. These expenses can significantly exceed the monthly allowance. Sometimes, the expenditure can be higher than $10,000 per month. Many Singapore sugar babies are college students so that they can even ask the daddies to pay the fees for their studies.

Top-10 Singapore sugar baby occupations

It's becoming a popular trend to get involved in Singapore sugar daddy dating. Interesting fact:[1] 1 in 42 women in Singapore (more than 20,000 ladies) are registered with sugar dating websites. Looks like the ladies aren't wasting their time and you have a great variety to choose from!

To make your sugar search a bit easier, here's the list of top-10 Singapore sugar baby jobs:

  • students;
  • entrepreneurs;
  • waitresses;
  • makeup artists;
  • lawyers;
  • nurses;
  • administrative or personal assistants;
  • teachers;
  • models;
  • medical assistants.

Having this list in mind, you'll better understand where to look for Singapore sugar babies. Read on to discover the best places to meet them!

What are the myths about being a Singapore sugar baby?

Many people have prejudices and stereotypes about Singapore sugar dating. They're mostly weird as there's an obvious lack of knowledge on this subject. So why not bust all these myths once and forever right now?

Singapore sugar baby is an escort worker

Sugar dating can be negatively perceived by the elderly generation or by people who are completely unfamiliar with this notion. That's why it's believed to be just "sex for money". In fact, it's absolutely not like that. The lady, as well as her sugar daddy, can choose the "type" of dating, whether it's going to be an intimate relationship or just hanging out together. Moreover, you may even not meet each other in person and just spend time online. Sugar dating gives you a wide range of opportunities with no strings attached.

Becoming a Singapore sugar baby is a last resort

For many older-generation people, sugar dating is something immoral, but for those who've chosen such a life path, it's a lot of fun. For Singapore sugar babies, it's financial support, no-strings-attached relationships, and confidence in a better tomorrow. As for Singapore sugar daddies, it's a good way to have a company and don't feel lonely. Usually, such men don't want to get married but need someone they can spend time with and even support their sugar babies. It's a conscious choice and for these people, it's something that can spice up their lives and bring some benefits.

Where can you learn about Singapore sugar daddy dating?

This notion isn't something new but all newcomers will enjoy some update to knowledge on the subject. Let's see where you can get the latest legit news on Singapore sugar dating.

Online sugar dating websites and reviews

Before looking for a Singapore sugar daddy, it's better to look for legit sugar dating websites, read reviews, and do your own research. Try to register on several websites, look through the profiles, and "study the market". Do those sugar daddies meet your expectations or requirements? Are they of the age-relevant for you? Is there an online dating option?

Printed media

You can read various interviews, articles, and research on sugar dating in many legitimate and authoritative resources, like Cosmopolitan, NY Times, GQ, Medium, etc. There, you can find real sugar baby stories, stats regarding sugar dating worldwide, some interesting facts, and so on. This is a helpful source of useful and trustworthy experience that’ll help you not get scammed in the future and find a great Singapore sugar daddy.

Word of mouth

Your friends, women sitting next to you at the bar, or a famous sugar baby's blog can help you a lot in finding your own Singapore sugar daddy. Real people sometimes know more and better than the internet so don't miss going out and getting some precious knowledge from the outside.

Where can you find a Singapore sugar daddy?

Singapore sugar daddies are those who can satisfy your financial needs, so you need to look for them in proper places. Check this list out to discover the perfect spots!

Business conferences

Singapore sugar daddies are quite wealthy, that's why they can afford giving money and gifts to their sugar babies. Some of them are either top-managers or CEOs in big companies, some are middle-class entrepreneurs, so they usually attend business clubs and events like conferences, business fairs, charity galas, etc. Singapore sugar babies love fancy clothes and expensive brands and can satisfy even the most demanding tastes that’s why daddies love their company to show off.

Fancy restaurants

Dressed up in an elegant dress, sipping champagne, and making the eyes at you — for a Singapore sugar baby, it's a usual spot of meeting single wealthy men ready to get involved in sugar dating. Sometimes they can start a talk themselves, and sometimes they may just send you the looks to make you approach them.

Singapore sugar daddy dating platforms

The easiest way to meet Singapore sugar daddy is specialized dating platforms! This way you know for sure people listed on the website have the same goal as you do. There won’t be embarrassing moments you can experience in real life when offering a person sugaring and getting only offense as a response. Not only it saves you a bunch of time but also takes care of your personal data’s safety. Fill in your profile, state your expectations, chat with willing daddies, and set up a real meeting!

Elite hotels and sports clubs

It's not necessary to attend a sports club or check-in a hotel — a Singapore sugar baby can just sit in a lobby bar or at the reception room to drink coffee, go to a sports shop to choose a new tennis skirt, or start talking about sports with a nice man next to her right away.

Where should you look for a Singapore sugar baby?

Singapore may be small, but it has a variety of great places to offer. You never know where you'll meet your Singapore sugar baby, but with this list, your chances get higher!

Friends' connections

Ask any of your friends if they have someone in mind who can become a sugar baby for you. They may have some connections with universities, know a pretty young bartender in that bar on the corner, or can give advice on where to look for a Singapore sugar baby. Sometimes your friends know more than you think, so don't miss the chance to get some valuable knowledge on that.

Popular student spots

Any student gathering like a party, reading club, or a meetup at a cafe can be a nice option to at least observe and find a Singapore sugar baby that may be a good fit for you. When the girl is finished with her friends, you can ask if she wants to talk and exchange numbers if she's interested in sugar dating. Who knows, maybe it’ll be the start of something new for both of you?

Nightclubs and bars

This is a very popular Singapore sugar baby choice of leisure and a search spot for daddies. Sure, there's no intimate atmosphere and you can't have a proper talk there, but it's a good place to start a conversation. Get the lady a drink, ask her to go out on the street or invite her to a more quiet place so that you can enjoy each other's company and see if you're a good sugar fit for each other.

Career fairs

Many Singapore sugar babies are students, that's why they're most likely to attend many university career days, job fairs, etc. Sometimes, wealthy men who own big companies that open vacancies there, become sponsors of such events, and that's the perfect opportunity for the ladies to meet them. The girls may start from asking about their company and sponsorship and then move on to some more interesting topics they'd like to discuss.

Bottom line

There's nothing to be scared of in Singapore sugar dating. Now people are involved in such different types of relationships and it's totally normal to try something new and extraordinary. If you feel ready for such a type of arrangement, you're good to go! It only takes some courage and being discreet in your desire to find a lovely sugar baby. Explore your possibilities in Singapore!

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