How To Stay Away From Dealing With Sugar Daddy Scam?

Sugar arrangements bring joy and pleasure to both parties and often it’s too hard to concentrate and take care of your security as you’re already overwhelmed. Sadly, sugaring has it’s hidden stones, like every other field of our life. This doesn’t mean you have to avoid it. On the contrary, you have to be not afraid of entering such mutually beneficial relationships and know how to make the process safe. Let’s first find out what dangers might wait for you in sugar dating and then how to spot a fake sugar daddy or baby.

Sugar daddy scams

Here’re the most common examples of scamming sugar daddies.

He offers to send you money before meeting

This sounds very generous and seductive, and many sugar babes can’t refuse this. Who would? But that’s the trap to notice! To send you any sum of cash he’ll need your credit card’s or bank account’s details. Once you provide it, you’ll more likely not hear from him again. Real sugar daddies never pay for online chats.

He asks for your private info

It’s common not to provide real information on sugar dating sites and that’s a very wise move to do. If someone desires to get your phone number before any actual meeting, it’s better to be cautious. The Internet is full of weirdos who can easily stalk you in real life. Never give personal data to strangers.

He wastes your time

The most common sugar daddy scam is when a man doesn’t hurry to meet but only talks with you online. It’s not about sugaring. In real mutually beneficial relationships people try to meet as soon as possible and profit from it. If a nice guy talks with you for weeks online and doesn’t ask you out, it might be just a college boy who wants the attention of girls out of his league.

He refuses giving you money

That’s the most insidious case. You can’t predict you face a fake sugar daddy until you actually meet him. In the end, he just doesn’t give you your financial reward and sadly, you can do anything with it. That’s why never give 100% on the first date or ask to pay in advance.

Sugar babies scam

If a lady does the following things, she’s most likely a scammer.

She asks for money before meeting

Such girls can say it’s for her confidence that you won’t fool her, but sending cash to a stranger isn’t the wisest thing. Too often after such babes get the particular sum from you, they disappear and you can’t find her.

She doesn’t stop asking for more

First, she agrees on your conditions and everything goes well. She behaves like a brilliant sugar babe and you want to see her more often. Every time she says she wants a bigger sum or needs something expensive asap. This way she’s just trying to get as many dollars from you as possible.

She tries to blackmail you

That’s the most dangerous sugar baby scam. Knowing you’re a respected man in big circles she threats you to give her more money, or she’ll reveal all your secrets and everyone will know about your other life. It’s hard to detect such behavior from the very beginning, but there are few tips on how to stay safe anyway. Keep on reading.

How to prevent a sugar daddy or baby scam on the early stage?

  1. Don’t provide your real personal info on the site. Staying incognito is your best insurance. Just point out your basic physical specifics and outline the expectation of this sugar adventure. Don’t forget to upload photos as well, but it’s better to be not those you have on your social media.
  2. Never send any money in advance if you’re a sugar daddy, and sugar babes should never agree on getting some before the meeting. Every time this topic is brought to the table, stop the conversation.
  3. It would be also nice to have an additional phone number to use only for sugar dating. This way you’ll make this part of your life as private as possible.
  4. Be careful, but still, give people a chance. Any cruel intentions will be well recognized during the first meeting. If you’re a sugar babe, tell your friend where you’re going and ask them to call you on the exact time to check on. If you’re a sugar daddy, simply don’t give money for nothing.


Identifying a fake sugar daddy or babe is easy when you know what to expect and what to pay attention to. With these simple tips, your sugaring will bring you only pleasure, safe pleasure. Don’t be afraid of trying!

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