What Is A Sugar Daddy And Where To Find Such A Relationship

Many people don't understand the meaning of such a relationship. Thus, they're often confused with something bad. Although if people knew all the advantages of a sugar daddy and his babe relationship, this would be much more in the world. Let's find out what it's and what they do.

Sugar Daddy Arrangement Websites

Most people have heard of sugar daddies and their babies. This is fairly common, and although there is much less information about sugar mamas, they also exist. But the problem is few people understand the meaning of these terms correctly.

If you decide to learn more about this, most likely you're already close to the truth. Let's dispel the myths and find out how it suits you.

How does sugar daddy dating work?

These relationships are built on mutual benefits: a man receives attention from a woman and pays for it with gifts, travel, or money. This is not prostitution! The conditions of these relations are determined individually in each pair. Regarding sex, some couples have this, and some don't. Remember Hugh Hefner, Playboy founder, and his bunny mansion? He “dated” hundreds of hot girls and actually paid for all their lives. It seems to be the king of all sugar daddies, right?

Let’s define sugar daddy and babe. The main rule of both parties is to remember your agreement. It's important to specify this in detail at the start, so that everyone knows the boundaries of communication. Some sugar dating stories end with a broken heart. Therefore, to avoid this, you need to be sure that you're doing this for your own benefit, and not because you can’t find a good girlfriend.

What does sugar daddy mean?

You don't need to be a billionaire to have this kind of relationship, but you still need money. When you discuss requirements with your sugar baby, she'll immediately tell you what she wants. Usually, this is just a certain amount of money, travel, clothes, jewelry, gadgets, etc. It can also be renting an apartment, paying for education, or even buying a car. How big the girl’s requirements will depend on who she's looking for and how she evaluates herself. Of course, for this kind of relationship, you need to literally fit together. That is, your income should match her requests. That’s a real sugar daddy definition.

Your requirements should also be agreed upon. For this, a contract is often drawn up. How frequent will your meetings be? How intimate can it be? How much money will you give her? What are her responsibilities? You can write any conditions that you want. For example, sexual preferences or how she should dress.

So, what is a sugar daddy for real? You can get anything, you just need to find a girl who agrees to become your sugar baby and fulfill all the requirements. An important nuance in your relationship is consent. You cannot force her to do what she didn't agree to. Well, you can't even get her to do something if she agreed. This usually just ends with a contract break, but you should never blame her for it. Just find another. The philosophy of sugar dating is to get what you want through mutual benefit, but not psychological or physical abuse. This makes such a relationship perfectly normal.

To tell your friends about your arrangements is up to you. Usually, sugar daddies are presented as a girl in an open relationship. That is, it’s just your lover. Such an answer will be clear to everyone. When this is your little secret what kind of relationship you have with the girl, it becomes even more exciting.

There is also a portrait of a medium sugar daddy. According to Seeking Arrangement infographics, his average age is 39 years. A third of them are married. The average income is up to $300,000 dollars, and the cost of a baby is $65,000. However, it's worth remembering that this is only an average figure. This includes both the minimum costs for specific people and the maximum.

Questions to a real sugar daddy

How much do you pay?

I can’t call it “payment,” it sounds weird to me. Nevertheless, it's a special kind of relationship where I give gifts, and she gives me her attention. Although some sugar babies call it their work. Calling the exact flow rate is also not correct. Some can spend $200, and some $10,000. It all depends on your desire and the status of your girlfriend.

How did you start this?

I work in the financial sector. I was 42 when I thought about the lack of female attention. I guess this is actually a trustworthy sugar daddy definition. Don't get me wrong, I could afford any girl, but all of them sooner or later begin to demand something. For example, I cannot afford to devote a lot of time to her, but I want to get what I want.

Usually, this doesn't work like this in a real relationship, and you always come to a break. In addition, I needed a girl to take her with me on some business trips or to events where people come in pairs. Now all my problems are resolved.

How did you find her?

Like all people who are looking for something. The first thing I did was google it. I've read many articles and manuals on how this all works. Then he found a review on various thematic sites and registered on several of them. Here you can specify your requirements and choose a girl that you like.

What's your sugar daddy dating, when compared with the usual?

If we consider this from the side of emotions, I'd say she's my friend, business partner, and a girl who attracts me. Neither she nor I feel any awkwardness to discuss something or just spend time at a party. At the same time, there is no love that blows your head. If one of you starts to miss another, this is an alarming bell.

Have you met dishonest girls?

No, I haven't met such, although I cannot speak for the rest. There are no misunderstandings or fraud because all conditions are agreed upon and everyone should do what he signed up for. If you do everything right, you cannot be deceived.

What does sugar daddy mean?

Just a rich man who can afford to give something to women. I’m really happy when I give something, not just take it.

What does sugar baby do?

Real sugar babies aren't usually ashamed of what they do in life. Indeed, if there are such opportunities, then someone will definitely use this. Many of these girls argue their choice quite logically: women usually marry those who give them all this, so why lie if you can just put your conditions?

So, what are they actually doing?

  • Accompany a man at parties.
  • They travel with him.
  • They act as his real girlfriend in front of his relatives.
  • Just spend time with him at dinner or a movie.
  • Have sex.
  • Other personal arrangements.

The conditions for sugar babies can vary significantly. For example, someone has sex with his daddy, but someone doesn't. Some girls are ready to appear in public with a man, while others are only traveling. Here you can also set any rules and just find the man who suits this. There are many videos on this subject where sugar babies talk about their experiences.

Everyone has their own reason to do this. For girls, this is often even more beneficial. Some use this as a temporary income to pay for their studies and then get a normal job. One of the girls has been doing this all his youth to save money and live freely when they get older and can no longer do it. Anyway, if you're pretty, this is a good way to make money.

Why are so many girls doing this if it can be unpleasant? How to endure this? The main advantage is that you don't have to endure anything. You can choose a man to your liking. If you've heard that they are all old and fat, this is a myth. As a rule, these are attractive and interesting men who are simply too busy with their work for ordinary relationships.

Questions to real sugar babies

How do you define sugar daddy?

He’s just a man I have a contract with. I consider this as my job.

How much money do you get?

My daddy gives me an average of $3,000 per month, sometimes he also gives me extra gifts at his request. For example, I always have a new iPhone, and I don’t have to buy them for my money. My income isn't considered huge compared to many girls of high rank, but it's still more than many girls.

Is it possible to find a rich husband in this way?

No way. Don't even think about it if you don't want to get a psychological trauma. If you're set up for the marriage of convenience, then what's the difference if you were a sugar baby or just someone's wife. If you want to get married, you can find the groom in the same way, but with different conditions (more difficult).

What are you doing for him?

I mainly attend various events with him, as this is part of his work. His colleagues think that I am his girlfriend, and that is what I have to play. We also often go on “normal” dates and chat nicely. Sometimes I surprise him and meet him with a fresh dinner. You might think that this is a manifestation of sympathy, but I know I'll get something in return. Our relationship is friendly, but we play girlfriend and boyfriend.

What do your relatives think about this?

They think that I work as a remote manager, so I have a lot of free time. I save money and don't show that I have a lot of them, so they don't suspect anything. I think this is not something to be ashamed of or not something to talk about. Most people just don’t understand what it is. In any case, I won't be upset if they find out.

How did you find him?

Like everything on the Internet. I still have a profile where the messages are coming. Since I often appear in public with my sugar daddy, I can't date anyone else - this is our condition. But you can find yourself a few men on sites for such dating.

What awaits you in this kind of relationship

Sometimes it's difficult to understand the psychology within such relationships. But it's positive and honest. Fakers are those men and women who are trying to profit by deception or manipulation. In the same case, the parties honestly agree on their terms and fulfill this. Find sugar daddy definition to make it clear, and then judge. Let's look at the main pros and cons of this.

The benefits of sugar dating

Such relationships give complete freedom to everyone. What does sugar daddy mean? A free man! He doesn't need to worry about the lack of female attention and at the same time not waste his time figuring out a relationship. For some women, this may also be an advantage, but the main reasons are financial independence and freedom of choice. Yes, here no one is dependent on each other. At any time, you can break off this relationship and find a new sugar partner.

A woman can solve any of her problems in this way. There are even courses on how to ask for money from a man. But why ask for something if you can just conclude a contract? This is a great way to save up to pay for your studies while you're in college or make money for your business. Often, sugar babies say they want to start a business, so they warn in advance about the amount of money.

For a man, this is not a waste of money. First off, these men have a lot. Secondly, a man is a getter and, for most of them, gifts for women bring pleasure. Moreover, when you get everything you want for it. It's also a great way to get rid of quarrels and misunderstandings in ordinary relationships, which often disturbs busy people.

Problems of sugar dating

The main contentious issue is how you will feel about it. Some people think this is unworthy, especially when they define sugar daddy and his babe. But if you think about it... How are ordinary relationships built? In the same way, on mutual benefit! A woman chooses a rich man, and a man chooses a beautiful and sexy woman. This is just how it works.

People are full of stereotypes, so it isn't surprising that someone can say bad things about it. However, most often sugar dates keep their relationship secret and present themselves as a couple of friends. This is convenient because no one should get into their own business and know who you pay.

It is legal?

Of course, few people sign a formal contract. But this, like any relationship, cannot be illegal. When a husband gives gifts to his wife, should she pay taxes for them? Same with sugar dating. If a girl has sex, and then a man gives her gifts and supports her financially, this is also not considered prostitution. This is your mutual agreement. You don't charge for one night or an hour, so this cannot be considered as selling a service. Still, this is just a relationship that is practically no different from ordinary ones.

Where to find sugar babies and daddies?

Everyone is looking for such a relationship on websites. There is a separate niche for finding sugar daddy dating. On such platforms, everything is slightly different from Tinder. Here you can describe in detail the girl or man you are looking for. Indicate information about yourself, how you see this relationship, how many gifts you want to receive or give. Everyone comes here for a specific purpose, so you spare yourself a search among those who are looking for a spouse.

You can also use the advanced search here if you want to find Asian, Australian, British, Russian, etc. You are given a whole world of sugar dating, you only need to choose. Therefore, if you're ready for the best relationship in your life, fasten your seat belts and start searching on sugar dating platforms!

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