American Sugar Daddy Dating

Americans are very advanced when it comes to so-called “dating arrangements.” Many of them see no point in traditional relationships, and they aren’t afraid to admit it and try something new. As a result, America has become a country where sugaring is really popular, and more people are getting into it. They see it as a source of fun, flirting, romance, and freedom.

Why is Sugar Dating so popular in America?

One of the reasons is successful and financially stable men don’t look for a classic story with family and children. Many of them just don’t need it anymore. They want to have fun and enjoy life. They don’t search for a wife because they don’t want a tired and busy woman who is overwhelmed with household duties and children’s upbringing.

Instead, they desire to have a carefree beautiful lady who won’t blow their mind with questions like “Where have you been?”, “Why are you late?” or “Are you going to spend more time with a family?” They're mature and self-reliant enough not to get married. America with its thriving economy has allowed men to feel happy without having to get married. Many of them choose to date a sugar babe and live a life they want, which isn't forced by any social standards.

Sugar daddy dating is also very popular among girls. The reasons are similar. They don’t want to get engaged in serious relationships. Usually, classic dating involves a lot of responsibilities and girls are supposed to be extra caring and helpful. Besides, their social life often becomes boring because their boyfriends expect them to stay at home and be a good girl. Moreover, they rarely have a chance for financial support as young men aren’t so successful as older ones. That’s why girls try sugar dating. It’s beneficial for both partners, and the two of them know it. So, it won't lead to any confusion or misunderstanding.

American Sugar Daddies - How are they different from the rest?

Americans are a unique nation, and they’re different from the other world in many different ways. But one of the most distinctive features is their calm attitude to what others think. They just don’t really care when it comes to other people’s opinions on their personal life. On the other hand, they don’t stick their nose into others' business. So, sugar dating isn't a problem for them at all. If we compare them to some Europeans, the latter would be more conservative and reserved about this form of a relationship.

American men, on their part, don’t see anything shameful or bad in arranging relationships like that. They feel comfortable when it comes to various terms the dating is based on. For example, it’s obvious girls expect financial support from men. And that’s where American guys come really advanced compared to their European counterparts. They’re used to the concept that everything needs to be paid for. American sugar daddies never consider the idea of paying a woman somehow humiliating. They also don't regard it as if they put a girl’s value or her dignity too low. They realize both partners have equal rights and understand that everyone just plays their roles. The key is mutual benefits where both partners agree to give something they can and get something they want.

Another peculiarity of American sugar daddies is their mindset. This whole “culture of allowances” is regarded as something completely normal. American men go even further. You see, many guys expect from a girl many things and, moreover, take it for granted. They want her to do a lot of stuff for free as if she's supposed to do it. On the contrary, men from the USA are willing to pay and see it as a normal state of things. That’s what distinguishes American sugar daddies from the rest of the world.

Of course, it doesn’t mean all Americans are like that or all Europeans are greedy. It’s just a tendency and overall impression of men who live in America and try sugar dating. Please, keep in mind, all people are different. It means your choice is still up to you. Choose your sugar daddy carefully and discuss all terms and arrangements in advance.

Who are American Sugar Babies?

As a rule, sugar babies are young and pretty girls looking for a mature man to support them. For many of them, it’s also a chance to get into something adventurous and exciting. Sugar dating is becoming more popular among American girls because they see it as a chance for a better care-free life and even an opportunity to succeed.

Pretty often these sugar ladies are students who study at colleges. Why? As we know, education in America is pretty expensive, so girls really need help with that. They go to sugar dating websites and look for nice successful men to try sugaring. They understand these are mutually beneficial relationships, and they’ll have to give something to get what they want. And that’s what distinguishes American women among others - they’re totally okay with that!

There’s even a list of colleges with the biggest number of sugar babes there. Here it is:

  • Georgia State University.
  • University of Central Florida.
  • University of Alabama.
  • Florida State University.
  • University of Florida.
  • Rutgers University.
  • California State University, Fullerton.
  • University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
  • University of North Texas.
  • University of Missouri.

In fact, you can find a sugar babe almost in every American college. There’re many opportunities for that now. Go online, visit sugar daddy dating sites, and choose your own girl. You’ll see there not only young students but many other girls of different ages.

When ladies get into sugar daddy dating, many of them admit it’s not just about cold-blooded arrangement or hard math. They’re cared about and get much more than a college fee. Let’s see what it is.

What do American girls look for in sugar daddy dating?

Why do girls do this? Why do they choose sugar daddy dating over traditional relationships? Why do they not want to try dating a regular boy of their age? Let’s see.

They don’t want commitment yet.

Many American sugar babies, especially those who are still in college, say they just don’t look for something serious. They aren’t ready to commit. That’s why they choose a more open form of relationships with no strings attached. They're cared about and have certain responsibilities, but still have a choice. Thus, it’s always up to them what life to live.

Powerful men are attractive to American girls.

As women seek protection and safety, and it’s natural they find successful men sexy and charismatic. Besides, it’s a real ego-booster when you see you’re desired by a high-status man. It leads to an increase of their self-worth. As a result, such girls become even more confident and learn the skills of communication with powerful and successful people. They see it as an extremely beneficial lesson.

They learn life.

As a rule, mature successful men are experienced in many different ways. American girls, being very curious and eager to become successful themselves, benefit a lot from such a kind of dating. Their men teach them mature relations, how to communicate and behave in a society which is different from what many Americans are used to. They often do it not intentionally, but smart American sugar babes learn and remember everything that may come in handy.

Opportunities to explore the world.

Sugar babes often travel with their daddies or accompany them on various business trips. It’s another important perk almost every sugar girl gets - an opportunity to see the world. Many of them just can’t afford it. Men give them means for that or arrange trips where they can travel together.

Financial protection.

Every person wants to feel safe. In a modern world, feeling safe means having money. It ensures a good carefree life. Every American sugar girl decides to find a daddy for that reason. They want to free themselves from everyday worries. Why should they think about surviving and constant hard work that brings no satisfaction? They choose another way that suits them and their partners and live a life of their dreams. It’s all explicable and fair enough. They give their time and beauty to successful men and get financial stability and opportunities to learn, grow, travel, and explore the world.

What is not true about sugar dating in the USA?

There are certain stereotypes and rumors that go around sugaring in America. Let’s see what you shouldn't believe in.

American sugar daddies are old and ugly.

Of course, the majority of men engaged in sugar dating are older than their female sugar partners. It’s all explicable. Ladies are attracted by powerful men. But, in most cases, to get power and achieve success you’ll have to live a long life. Young guys just aren’t experienced enough to get a sugar girl. But it doesn’t mean all sugar daddies look like old grandpas. Many of them are attractive handsome men. They often care about their body shape, follow a nice healthy diet, go to the gym, and are energetic and active. What girl wouldn’t like it?

Sugaring is just about sex.

Sexual intimacy is a part of many sugar relationships, but it doesn't necessarily mean it concerns every couple. The best part is every partner may set boundaries and discuss the relationships before they start them. Thus, it all can be about companionship or friendship, but not sex. Besides, why do people even care about that? It’s totally natural to have sex with a person you date, even if it’s not that typical traditional type of dating.

American sugar babes do it just for money.

Many people see sugar girls as mercantile or even call them prostitutes. This is a total misconception leading to the biggest stereotype about women who try sugar dating. These girls aren't prostitutes. They don’t do it just for money. There are many reasons for that, and it’s okay as long as it’s their own choice. These girls see it as a lifestyle. They’re young and have everything to live a better life. If somebody finds it inappropriate, they can just leave them alone and live the way they consider suitable and normal.

What rules to remember about sugar daddy dating in America?

If you follow simple tips and recommendations concerning sugaring in the USA, you'll have all chances to succeed at it.

Always talk all your expectations through

People have different opinions as to what sugar dating is. It may imply various things, and that’s why, it’s important to make it clear from the very beginning. It’ll prevent misunderstanding and keep you from disappointment or worries. Thus, if you have certain boundaries, make sure your sugar partner knows about them. It especially concerns sexual intimacy.

Never fake it

Sugar dating in America shouldn’t be regarded as just mere arrangement with no feelings or emotions. It can be as enjoyable as any other form of dating. Have fun together, talk, laugh, go on dates, travel, and enjoy it. If you think you can pretend you like it, but you feel like you can’t stand such a form of relationship anymore, then it will only cause frustration. It’s better to date only that person you really think is nice and attractive to you.

Respect your partner's boundaries

Americans are very strict when it comes to setting certain limits. They care about their personal freedom and expect other people to treat them equally, not breaking their personal space. So, when you’re dating an American sugar daddy or baby, it’s better to keep in mind certain cultural peculiarities and remember about your partner’s background.

Where to go to look for a sugar daddy or baby in America?

First of all, there’s a number of websites which were developed just with the purpose to help people try sugaring. Check a few of them out, read reviews, and search for comments. There’re hundreds of sugar babies waiting for a mature man to write to them and start communication.

If you choose to start your sugaring journey online, keep in mind a few simple rules which will help to make your dating experience safe. First of all, use only trustworthy sites with a good reputation. There’re many reviews on the web to help you with that. Secondly, report any inappropriate actions. If you consider something is suspicious, like a minor using a site or someone trying to scam you, contact a support team.

You can also meet sugar girls or sugar daddies at regular pubs, bars, or parties. Be open to new meetings and experiences. Talk to people, be charming, and feel positive. Explain your preferences and needs. There are more people who support sugar dating than you think. You can even ask friends to introduce you to someone and meet your sugar partner very soon.


As you see, Americans are big fans of new and more open kinds of relationships. They can’t live without freedom, personal space, and boundaries. That’s why sugar dating is so popular in the USA. People see it as beneficial and happily check it out. It distinguishes American sugar dating from other countries - they see it as something absolutely normal and teach the world not to be afraid of changes.

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