Sugar Daddy Dating: What It’s All About

What is sugaring all about? It’s an arrangement between two people to date on the terms each of them wants. Who is sugar dating for? For those who don’t want to commit, but have an urge for a relationship and its main perks. Why do couples choose it over classic dating? Because it gives them freedom. They aren’t dependent on their partner, yet get the benefits of typical dating. Keep reading to learn more about the phenomenon.

What is a sugar daddy arrangement?

Sugaring is now popular in almost every country in the world. You’ve probably heard something about it too as you’re here. But the notion is still comparatively new and unfamiliar to many people. That’s why there are so many gossips and rumors about it. Let’s try to get rid of the stereotypes and make things as clear as a bell.

So, sugar daddy dating is an advantageous relationship between a young girl and an older man. In terms of ladies, it’s about commercial profit. Sugar daddies pamper them by giving cash, covering their expenses, taking them to luxurious restaurants, parties, or going on trips together. What do men have for their generosity? Babes’ company, of course! Pretty young girls spend time with their sugar partners, hang out, travel together. They’re nearby when men ask for it, and they aren’t when men don’t need it. If agreed, they have intimacy as well.

Looks tempting, doesn’t it? You get tons of benefits when choosing sugar dating. But there’s something you don’t have in such relationships. You have no arguments and fights. No responsibilities and worries. No commitment, no sad endings, no broken hearts. Just give yourself a second to remember any of your or your friends’ usual dating. Isn’t that tiring to constantly think about your partner’s needs?

Typical couples don’t usually agree upon the terms. They don’t say what they prefer or crave. And that causes plenty of difficulties. Inflated expectations, frustration, and failure are what many daters encounter if they don’t lay down the rules or set boundaries. That’s why sugaring comes as a great alternative. Fun, support, travel, communication, intimacy — you get only the best from dating.

Sugaring isn’t just a kind of relationship. It’s also regarded as a lifestyle and a thought pattern. You just don’t care about society’s opinion. You’re confident enough to reject what your friends or relatives believe in and live your own life just the way you fancy to. It’s about your happiness, comfort, and well-being. A breath of fresh air, entertainment, satisfaction, and dreams that come true.

What does sugar daddy mean?

You don't need to be a billionaire to have this kind of relationship, but you still need money. When you discuss requirements with your sugar baby, she'll immediately tell you what she wants. Usually, this is just a certain amount of money, travel, clothes, jewelry, gadgets, etc. It can also be renting an apartment, paying for education, or even buying a car. How big the girl’s requirements will depend on who she's looking for and how she evaluates herself. Of course, for this kind of relationship, you need to literally fit together. That is, your income should match her requests. That’s a real sugar daddy definition.

Your requirements should also be agreed upon. For this, a contract is often drawn up. How frequent will your meetings be? How intimate can it be? How much money will you give her? What are her responsibilities? You can write any conditions that you want. For example, sexual preferences or how she should dress.

So, what is a sugar daddy for real? You can get anything, you just need to find a girl who agrees to become your sugar baby and fulfill all the requirements. An important nuance in your relationship is consent. You cannot force her to do what she didn't agree to. Well, you can't even get her to do something if she agreed. This usually just ends with a contract break, but you should never blame her for it. Just find another. The philosophy of sugar dating is to get what you want through mutual benefit, but not psychological or physical abuse. This makes such a relationship perfectly normal.

To tell your friends about your arrangements is up to you. Usually, sugar daddies are presented as a girl in an open relationship. That is, it’s just your lover. Such an answer will be clear to everyone. When this is your little secret what kind of relationship you have with the girl, it becomes even more exciting.

There is also a portrait of a medium sugar daddy. According to Seeking Arrangement infographics, his average age is 39 years. A third of them are married. The average income is up to $300,000 dollars, and the cost of a baby is $65,000. However, it's worth remembering that this is only an average figure. This includes both the minimum costs for specific people and the maximum.

What does a sugar daddy do?

Even if sugaring is all about freedom there are still some duties daddies fulfill.

He supports a baby financially

It usually happens in many different ways. Every couple discusses the terms they agree to date on. What does a girl usually get?

  • Tuition fee cover. The majority of sugar babes army are students. They don’t have an opportunity to work and pay for college. Their parents are usually not that well-heeled. Still, they’re ambitious to get a degree and be educated.
  • Cash, checks, money transfer. On top of that, sugar babes are provided with money. The sum can be discussed or a daddy just pampers his girl and gives as much as he sees good.

He gives presents

It depends on sugaring agreement as well. So the value of the gifts can be different. A babe might say she expects something expensive, or even signify what exactly she has an urge for. In another case, a sugar daddy decides on his own what he’s going to spoil her with.

To be more precise, the gifts are various. Starting from something trivial as a bunch of flowers, clothes, or perfumes, ending with costly jewelry like a ring with diamonds, branded bags or watches, premium gadgets, and so on. In some cases, sugar daddies meet girls who know their worth and give them cars or even houses.

He takes her on trips

When money is no object, the entire world becomes a destination. Sugar daddies usually travel a lot, either on business or just for pleasure. Babes accompany them and get follow-up benefits: personalized services, gourmet meals, and beautiful surroundings. It gives a maximum of pleasure and a minimum of stress.

Can you imagine? First, you just go online and meet your sugar daddy. And then suddenly you have something you’ve never dreamt of: you drink pricey champagne somewhere in Europe, sleep on a king-size bed in the Maldives or take a shower in the marble-lined bathroom wherever you can think of.

How to meet a sugar daddy?

Before going searching for your daddy, spend some time defining who exactly you desire to find. Think about his age and status, marital or financial. It helps to narrow the choice and make the right decision. Once you realize who you need, you're ready to go.

  1. Check out the sugaring websites. There are many different ones nowadays that suit every taste and budget. Go online and choose among hundreds of sugar daddies. You can’t but find the one who’ll satisfy your preferences. And don’t forget to upload stunning photos, present yourself as an astonishing, funny, and charming girl.
  2. Visit regular dating websites. If for some reason you don’t want to use sugaring resources, try out basic social networks. There are many men there looking for diverse forms of relationships. Some might search for what you have to offer. Message them, chat for a while, and then explain your position, discuss the terms on how you see the relationship if you understand it’s appropriate. Though, in this way, success isn’t guaranteed.
  3. Bars or parties. If you’re on vacation, hanging out with friends at a local summer jam, or drinking a cocktail at a bar counter, be open to new meetings and experiences. Be charming with men, explain your needs. Never be shy to acknowledge you look for a sugar daddy, as it's absolutely fine in a modern world. But be ready many won’t accept your position.

The best sugar daddy for me is...Or what do girls expect from men?

Is there an image of a perfect sugar daddy? Let’s try to imagine.

He sticks to his words

No matter what type of dating you’re involved in, girls always appreciate men who keep their promises. So not only indicate your expectations and wait until a partner fulfills them but remember what you’re supposed to do as well.

He never exceeds the boundaries

Sugar daddy dating is about having your own space, maintaining your independence, and doing things on your own. If a sugar babe sets rules and boundaries, she expects a man to respect them and never interfere.

He’s generous

It’s logical. A sugar babe finds a mature and successful man to date to get financial help in the first place. If her partner counts every penny and grudges the money to give her a present, she won’t be pleased.

Top stereotypes about sugar daddy dating?

Sugar dating world is full of myths. Which to believe?

Sugar daddies are old

This stereotype appeared because of the public opinion that only older people can be rich. But is it really true? Young men in their 30s or 40s sometimes achieve even bigger financial success than 60-years-old. So it isn’t always the case.

It’s all about sex

According to the words of one experienced sugar babe: “Some men want only the sexual favors and while others look for someone to be with in a little more romantic sense, like a girlfriend, or a companion.” So, intimacy isn’t always about sugaring.

Girls do it only for money

Sugar babies fancy getting some financial help. But they're also looking for new experiences, meetings, travels, and emotions. It’s much more than just cash or tuition fee covering.

Questions to a real sugar daddy

How much do you pay?

I can’t call it “payment,” it sounds weird to me. Nevertheless, it's a special kind of relationship where I give gifts, and she gives me her attention. Although some sugar babies call it their work. Calling the exact flow rate is also not correct. Some can spend $200, and some $10,000. It all depends on your desire and the status of your girlfriend.

How did you start this?

I work in the financial sector. I was 42 when I thought about the lack of female attention. I guess this is actually a trustworthy sugar daddy definition. Don't get me wrong, I could afford any girl, but all of them sooner or later begin to demand something. For example, I cannot afford to devote a lot of time to her, but I want to get what I want.

Usually, this doesn't work like this in a real relationship, and you always come to a break. In addition, I needed a girl to take her with me on some business trips or to events where people come in pairs. Now all my problems are resolved.

How did you find her?

Like all people who are looking for something. The first thing I did was google it. I've read many articles and manuals on how this all works. Then he found a review on various thematic sites and registered on several of them. Here you can specify your requirements and choose a girl that you like.

What's your sugar daddy dating, when compared with the usual?

If we consider this from the side of emotions, I'd say she's my friend, business partner, and a girl who attracts me. Neither she nor I feel any awkwardness to discuss something or just spend time at a party. At the same time, there is no love that blows your head. If one of you starts to miss another, this is an alarming bell.

Have you met dishonest girls?

No, I haven't met such, although I cannot speak for the rest. There are no misunderstandings or fraud because all conditions are agreed upon and everyone should do what he signed up for. If you do everything right, you cannot be deceived.

What does sugar daddy mean?

Just a rich man who can afford to give something to women. I’m really happy when I give something, not just take it.

The bottom line

Sugar daddy dating is a new form of relationships, but a vast deal of men and women have already examined it and checked its benefits. If you want to enjoy your personal life and never get bored with it, sugar daddy dating will perfectly suit you. If you're still hesitating about trying it, stop worrying and just do it! Your life won’t be the same anymore.

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