Is being a sugar daddy or baby illegal?

The question itself is unreasonable. Why would it be illegal? Do both parties do something criminal? Sugar dating is the special kind of relationship between two people, which means they both make a mature reasonable choice when entering it. The only reason why this question appears in people’s minds is the lack of understanding of what it is. Despite the huge growing popularity this notion still makes many people cautious. Let’s find out why it can be considered illegal and is it actually?

Is sugar daddy dating safe and legal?

Our life is full of weirdos and the sugaring sphere isn’t an exception obviously. There will always be people who try to fool anyone and profit in a criminal way. This is possible when sugar babes try to get more money from their daddies, or when daddies take the physical pleasure and don’t pay after. To detect such behavior isn’t always easy from the beginning but those who’re into sugaring must be careful and follow general rules of online safety at least.

If you look at these mutually beneficial relationships from the law side, there’s only one rule each sugar baby has to remember. Always get money in cash. And here’s why. It depends on the local laws (learn the ones your state has), but still, many banks will become suspicious if your account receives more than $2000, especially when you deposit such a sum.

What to do then? Spend everything in cash! This way you’ll not attract additional attention to your personality and help your daddy to avoid problems as well.

How are sugar daddy and baby sites legal?

Those special platforms are nothing else than usual social networks. But in this case, there are only people with the same range of interests and goals. Registering on such a site you’re sure you’ll be understood and not judged. Surely, to find a sugar baby or a daddy is possible anywhere else too, but it’ll take much more time. For this reason, sugar dating sites were created - to save your time.

Such sugar daddy resources can’t be illegal a priori. They’re just like any other platform for online communication where people just come to spend nice pleasurable time. But sometimes scammers register there too. It means you should always be on guard and don’t share much personal info. Some experienced sugar babes and daddies even recommend creating yourself an alter ego to exist only in the sugaring world.

Moreover, the site’s administration always takes a thorough control of what is happening on the platform and you can easily report a violation if any person behaves suspiciously. Such users will be deleted or banned immediately. For any sugar daddy resource, it’s important to commit to a label. It means they’ll do anything to have a limited number of complaints from members.

Is it legal to have a sugar baby?

Although the difference between prostitution and sugar dating is clear, to give the answer to these questions will be impossible about digging a little deeper into this topic.

The only way for having a sugar baby and paying her money to be illegal is when it’s prostitution or escort. But it’s definitely not! And that’s why.

  1. In sugar dating, the agreed sum of money sugar babe gets is the award for her time (in days or months usually), not sex. In escort, clients pay directly for hours they’ll spend in bed with a lady.
  2. Prostitutes never go on luxury resorts, stay at fashionable hotels, eat at expensive restaurants, and get gifts regularly. On the contrary, this is what is usual for sugaring, though sex might be involved here as well.
  3. Real sugar baby is more the mistress for a sugar daddy than a prostitute. They probably don’t have any emotional bond of course, but it’s also much more than just physical pleasure. Too often men pay only for the pleasant company and sex doesn’t even happen.
  4. Real prostitute usually takes her clients in the hotel room and it might be more than 10 guys a day. Sugar babe has only one of few daddies maximum, and their meetings aren’t always limited to the only one. Some gentlemen prefer having the same babe for months.

To sum up

Sugar daddy dating is just another kind of relationship between people and that’s why it can't be illegal. There exist no law prohibiting people to have fun and enjoy life. When two mature people make such a decision it’s only their business. The only thing to check is the bank’s laws in your country or a state before starting sugaring. In other words, nothing prevents you from experiencing sugaring! Give it a try!

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